The DBCYA Management Committee is currently investigating options and costs for strategic maintenance and/or development of the following club facilities to protect infrastructure, develop the club and provide improved services for all club members.


The below information is valid as of March 2020 and aligns with the DBCYA 2019-21 Strategic Plan

 Careening Poles

The Management Committee has engaged the services of Marine Engineer Kim Watson as Project Manager to coordinate the full replacement of both sets of careening poles.
By utilising materials already in in the Club’s possession, projected costs are coming in just under budget at approx $49K.
Anticipated timeline for completion: April – May 2020. Note both sets of poles will likely be decommissioned for one set of springs at a date to be announced.
View the 3D layout imagery   /  Timeline (03 Mar 2020)  /  Budget (Mar 2020)

The maximum vessel weight against the careening poles has been reduced to 15 tonnes as a precautionary measure until new poles are installed.


Side Bar Garden Shade Structure

After successful grant funding application, a certified permanent tin roof shade structure is to be installed over the side bar area so that it can be practicably used all year round.  DBCYA is utilising part of the decommissioned shed structure gifted some years back for the structure framework. Anticipated install – April 2020.  The side garden area will be closed for a week during construction.
View the shade structure drawings here.


Car Port Solar System

Drawings and quotes have been obtained to construct a 14 bay car port in the new car park which will house a 36kw solar panel system, to reduce the Club’s reliance on non-renewable energy to the tune of over $15,000 per year. A grant funding application was submitted in February 2020 and the outcome (known end April 2020) will determine if this project proceeds. There is no existing club infrastructure that will support the recommended size solar system.
View the Solar Car Port drawings here.


Pontoon Development

In January 2018 thanks to $30,000 funding from the Northern Territory Government, the pontoon had a water-blast down to the waterline, some holes fixed and new non-slip paint applied along with a range of other safety upgrades including additional ladders and supports.  A new wooden bench was fashioned by Rex Maxwell, who made the original bench back in 1994.  Whilst the pontoon is in a much safer state, unfortunately the blast/paint repairs have not proved to withstand the elements, with rust showing through, and the contracted company are not assisting the club to repair. The Management Committee are exploring options to haul the pontoon out of the water to do remedial works both above and below the waterline. The walkway bridge is in need of rust R&M.


Wharf Pillar Repairs

The 29 external steel pillars have been identified as needing timely works to stop further erosion leading to weakness. Quotes are currently being obtained for these works. Majority member approval at SGM will be sought for club expenditure over $50,000. Estimated time frame for completion – July 2020.


Storage Facilities for Senior Members

User pays on-site storage facilities would be useful for many senior members.  Space, location and install costs are determining factors. After initial consideration, this project has been put on hold.


Dredging of the Channel

An estimate to dredge and remove the entire area of silt has been obtained at a cost to the Club of over $100,000. It is acknowledged that dredging the channel would enable members who access the club by tender to be less dependent on tidal movements for access.


Crown Lease Title Merge of the Far Eastern Boundary Land (Lot 7303) with existing Lot 6475

In 2019 the NT Government has advised of a change in requirement for DBCYA to apply to merge the title for Lot 7303 with our existing crown lease. DBCYA is now required to show full development plans and funding ability to develop the land. In the meantime they have provided for a new Occupation License for Lot 7303, incorporating the pontoon facility.