The DBCYA Management Committee is currently investigating options and costs for strategic maintenance and/or development of the following club facilities to protect infrastructure, develop the club and provide improved services for all club members.

A new infrastructure Improvements Sub Committee has been formed with aim to create a master plan and prioritise works.


The below information is valid as of August 2023 and aligns with the DBCYA 2021-2024 Strategic Plan


In January 2018 thanks to $30,000 funding from the Northern Territory Government, the pontoon had a water-blast down to the waterline, some holes fixed and new non-slip paint applied along with a range of other safety upgrades including additional ladders and supports.  A new wooden bench was fashioned by Rex Maxwell, who made the original bench back in 1994. Whilst the pontoon is in an improved state, unfortunately the blast/paint repairs have not proved to withstand the elements, with rust showing through, and the original contracted company has ceased operation.

The Management Committee is considering either remedial repairs to our existing pontoon or replacement.


Concrete Block Wall remediation – between the bar lawn and poles basin

An initial engineering assessment has shown this wall requires repair to ensure stability and stop soil erosion. The Management Committee is reviewing options and costs for repair.


Bar Back Lawn level and Upgrade

In July 2023 a VEEP grant was lodged to hopefully assist with upgrading this area with additional fill to fix the erosion, new turf, new landcaped garden areas, reticulation and some new lounge furniture. Outcome of grant known late August 2023.


Ablutions Upgrade or Replacement

In response to member interest in seeing this asset improved, DBCYA will look to remediation in conjunction with an anticipated aligned NT Government Grant to be released in 2023.

PROJECT CATEGORISATION – MEDIUM TERM if funding assistance procured


Car Port Solar System

Grant funding applications have to date been unsuccessful. As there is no existing club infrastructure that will support the recommended size solar system, a new structure must be installed to house the panels, namely a 14 bay car port in the new car park.
View the Solar Car Port drawings here.


Storage Facilities for Senior Members / Hard Stand Occupants

Lockable sheds for hard stand sites and general user pays on-site storage facilities would be useful for many senior members.  Space, location and install costs are determining factors. Pending funding opportunities.


Dredging of the Channel

An estimate to dredge and remove the entire area of silt has been obtained at a cost to the Club of over $100,000. It is acknowledged that dredging the channel would enable members who access the club by tender to be less dependent on tidal movements for access, however this project would depend on external funds to proceed.



Wharf Pillar Repairs

Majority member approval was obtained at SGM in May 2020 to spend up to $125,000 of club funds to repair this asset due to rust deterioration. A later successful funding application (Immediate Works Grant, Northern Territory Government) injected $98,000 funding towards this project, with repairs commencing in March 2021. Significant weld plating of the more-deteriorated end pillars has increased project costs and the overall project cost was $200,000. This project was completed in 2022.

Pontoon and Walkway Certification

As a requirement of our Lot 7303 Occupation License, we have now obtained building certification on this asset. Rust repairs and safety improvements to the walkway were conducted at the same time including non slip tread and a sloping landing ramp.

Careening Poles

The careening poles project was completed in April 2020, with 2 new sets of careening poles installed to replace the original deteriorating infrastructure.

Careening Poles Concrete Basin

The poles basin project was completed in May 2020, with upgraded concrete at sites 1 and 4, providing increased safety and an additional contaminant removal site.

Side Bar Garden Shade Structure

The long awaited Bar Garden Shade Structure was completed in May 2020 and now provides all-year weather protection to improve enhance the visitor experience and increase patronage in the wet.
Thanks to the NT Government for 50% funding assistance through their Visitor Experience Enhancement Project