Club Membership

Being a member of DBCYA brings much reward and hundreds of yachtspeople and locals take advantage of the facilities.  Guests may visit three times per year before being required to join as a member.

Club membership year is from 1 July to 30 June. All memberships are due for renewal on 1 July each year.  Members must renew by 15 August to remain financial members and avoid having to reapply.

Membership Types
Senior membership 
– eligible to all persons 18 years or over who are yacht owners or are actively involved in sailing.  Senior membership provides members access to all Club facilities.
Social Membership – eligible to all persons 18 years or over who wish to use the bar and kitchen facilities only. Those wishing to use the pontoon, careening poles, wall, wharf, hard stand, showers and/or laundry must apply for senior membership.

Membership Fees 2018 – 19 financial year:
Senior Membership
: $40 joining fee (once only) and $80 membership per year per person.
Family Membership: $80 joining fee (once only) and $100 membership per year per couple. (Kids under 18 free)
Social Membership: $25 per year
Temporary Membership: 28 days membership available to visiting yachtsmen.Honorary membership (no fee) if the visitor is a current member of another yacht club membership (outside of Darwin). If the visitor is not a member elsewhere a $20 fee is applicable.

50% Pensioner rates apply upon provision of a NT Govt Pensioner card.

Half price pro-rata membership rates apply from 01 January each year.

All applications for Membership are subject to approval by the Management Committee. Any monies paid on initial application will be reimbursed if the Applicant is not approved by the Committee.

Application forms are available at the bar.

 Visitors & Guests

Members may sign in up to six guests on any one day. Visitors are the responsibility of the Member whilst on the club premises.

Conduct & Behaviour

DBCYA has a great reputation as a friendly yachting community and local watering hole and a good standard of behaviour is expected from all persons whilst on premise. All members and their bona-fide guests are required to abide by the club rules and the DBCYA Code of Conduct. Violence, bullying and harassment are not tolerated within the club premises.

The Association operates the bar facility in strict accordance with the legislative requirements of the Liquor Act. The Club staff have both the authority and responsibility to act within the requirements of the liquor license.

Specifically staff are not permitted to serve persons deemed to be intoxicated, who are quarrelsome, unruly or conducting themselves in a disorderly manner.

Persons who are refused further service are also required to vacate the premises at that time.

DBCYA Constitution 2018

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