Wet Season Race Series

DBCYA hosts the annual wet season race series each year, with nine races (a different course each race) held over the period November to March, with a break for the festive season.  Sailors can expect a lively race series, with the occasional build-up storm squall and wet season downpour.  Participants then head to the clubhouse to watch the day’s action on the big screen, share some camaraderie and find out the day’s winners. Many stay on to enjoy the a-la-carte dinner options and live music on offer. Race results are determined by handicap. DBCYA welcomes all skippers and crew no matter what their experience.

The main purpose of the race series is for skippers and crew to test and develop their skills in a friendly, supported environment and to help prepare for cruising adventures.

There are three divisions for mono-hulls:
Cruising Division – the most popular division that caters for cruisers, as the name suggests, with more emphasis on camaraderie on the water than racing.
Racing II Division – For those cruisers with a slightly more competitive streak and/or faster boats.
Racing I Division – For the cruiser/racer and racing boats.

The Multi-hulls have two divisions, Cruising and Racing, that match the mono-hulls with intent.

View the 2017 – 2018 Official Race Book (2018 – 2019 Official Race Book out in Oct 2018)

2018 – 19 Race Dates

RACE 1: November 4     0957 – 2.54m   1553 – 5.80m

RACE 2: November 18   0913 – 3.27m   1515 – 4.89m

RACE 3: December 2     0810 – 2.83m   1412 – 5.27m   2011 – 3.22m

RACE 4: December 16   1147 –  4.76m   1751 – 3.40m

RACE 5: January 13      1003 – 5.62m   1600 – 2.69m

STERN CHASER RACE Australia Day Sat Jan 26

RACE 6: February 10    0906 – 6.46m   1505 – 2.07m   2126 – 6.93

RACE 7: February 24    0923 – 7.18m   1526 – 1.85m   2133 – 7.41m

RACE 8: March 10         0822 – 7.03m   1422 – 1.78m   2029 – 7.24m

RACE 9: March 24         0829 – 7.70m   1431 – 1.58m   2027 – 7.64m

Awards Presentation Night: Saturday April 6.

Sign On

Sign on is at the Clubhouse the Friday before each race, from 6pm – 7pm, where course details and further particulars are distributed. Skippers get a free standard drink upon arrival. Participants can sign on at the Clubhouse Saturday afternoon if you cannot attend on the Friday.

New participants are especially encouraged along on the Friday to learn more information, get involved and meet similar minded people.  Any queries in the meantime are encouraged to manager@nulldbcya.com.au.

Fees and Membership Particulars

There is a $20 participation fee per yacht, per race.  Skippers are required to be senior members and the crew can opt for senior or social membership, depending on which club facilities they wish to use.

Results for each race are posted here

Australia Day Fun

The annual Stern chaser Race, held on 26 January each year, is a fun Australia Day Event where the start is staggered based on handicap, so first over the finish line wins!

Connect with Crew with SailConnect

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Official Racing Results –  this season and past archives 


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