The DBCYA Management Committee is currently investigating options and costs for strategic maintenance and/or development of the following club facilities to protect infrastructure, develop the club and provide improved services for all club members.


The below information is valid as of 13 March 2016.

 Careening Poles

Thanks to funding received through the NT Government’s Immediate Works Grant, power and water facilities have now been installed at each careening pole.
Funding has also been secured to repair ‘pole #5’ against the wharf: to replace the rotting wooden pillars with polypipe extended to the edge of the wharf to avoid vessels getting caught under the lip as the tide rises.  We are awaiting another funding application to strengthen the hollow metal careening poles with concrete.


Concreting of the pontoon basin – a Development Permit is required for these works. Funding will be sought through future grant opportunities, although the Club will have to wear the cost of the DP.


Bar Lawn Wall Extension

DBCYA obtained a temporary Development Permit in early February 2017 for the land fill  currently sitting on Lot 7303 beyond our car park, with the condition that it must be removed within 6 months. The Club is currently organising a Development Permit application to extend the bar lawn wall approx 12 metres out into the channel (and level the existing land), as a productive way to utilise the fill and concrete blocks already in our possession.  Alternatively the Club will have to pay to remove the fill off-site within the time frame provided. This extension will then create more functional and usable ‘real estate’ for the Club, as the area to be filled is currently under-utilised. An extended bar garden will provide more patronage and income to the club.

This Development Permit application is scheduled be reviewed by the Development Consent Authority in May 2017. An SGM will be called should the cost of this project be over $50,000, for the senior members to determine if the project will go ahead, weighing in the alternatives.


Wharf Repairs

Internal erosion is occurring in small sections of the wharf through gaps between some concrete blocks part way up the wharf wall.  The eroded space needs filling with concrete and the outer gaps need filling also to prevent further seepage.  Exploratory drilling has taken place to ascertain the severity of the seepage, which has revealed less erosion than first anticipated. The seepage gaps in the vertical wall have been filled. Contractors are to be engaged to fill the eroded sections and seepage gaps forthwith. A Committee Member is also exploring the opportunity to create fill along the outside of the wall under the overhang to extend the wall out, effectively eliminating the top overhang and providing a straight vertical wall.


Side Bar Garden Improvements

Funding has been obtained from the NTG’s immediate stimulus grant to lay new coloured and stencilled concrete floor and new boat-wood style custom furniture for the area. This will improve trip hazards, aesthetics and increase seating capacity.  The GM will look into other funding options to improve the shading in the area over the coming months.
Works is scheduled to commence after Easter 2017.

Pontoon Development

Whilst construction of the extended sea wall gets closer to our side, the pontoon will be temporarily re-positioned alongside the wharf. The time frame will be minimised as much as possible to avoid hardship for our harbour resident members, but will depend on the speed of progress of he adjacent development. Once the land reclamation next door has been completed, the pontoon will be relocated back to its previous position.


Dredging of the Channel

An estimate to dredge and remove the entire area of silt has been obtained at a cost to the Club of over $100,000. It is acknowledged that dredging the channel would enable members who access the club by tender to be less dependent on tidal movements for access.


 Procurement of the Far Eastern Boundary Land

The Management Committee continues to liaise with our Government Communications Consultant (Northern Planning Consultants) with aim to secure this additional land under DBCYA’s land title. Once the temporary DP for the soil on Lot 7303 has been completed, The Club can apply for a Development Permit to secure a Crown Lease, to be merged with our existing Lot 6475.  We have been advised that we no longer need to present with a complete development plan for the land prior to consideration – they acknowledge the previous reclamation works done by the club, and we should be only required to finish off development/stabilisation of the sea wall to their satisfaction to obtain a perpetual lease on the land and channel waterway.



Storage Facilities for Senior Members

User pays on-site storage facilities would be useful for many senior members.  To be revisited in 2017 as to cost and any potential locations.


Replacement of all the individual electricity meters in the Boat Park

Funds have been obtained to replace all the deteriorating boxes with metal units.  This will be conducted over the next month, in a piecemeal fashion, 3 boxes at a time. Replacement keys will be issued to occupants – those who have not yet paid their key deposit will be required to do so at this time.